About Us

Mangalam is a premier solution providing firm, specializing in dealing with Batteries, UPS, LED Lightings, Solar System, Fire and Safety equipments (PPE), Industrial equipments, Brought-outs, Raw Materials, Consumable items, Repair & Maintenance, AMC Services, Installation & Commissioning, Atomization solutions, works contract, etc and a firm distinguished by superior customer service. Our extensive knowledge in the industrial field, coupled with our expert team of consultants and deep reach into specific industries.

Committed to deliver tangible value and benefits, Mangalam works with its customers to help them deliver their objectives and goals. Our expertise in these services, help us in providing the right solutions and technologies to meet the individual needs of its customers every time.

In short, we know how to deliver highly effective solutions that are a best fit for our customers’ needs. We understand that customized service is the one of most important part of a company. Hence, we make best use of our knowledge to search for diverse solution which can rightly fit your company needs.

Our Customized Solutions

We focus on bridging the gap between the needs of the corporate companies and the service to achieve cost effective solutions in the least possible time. Our entire service process is adapted to meet your needs including understanding, discussion with experts, customization of requirement. Close communication - in the form of a daily update - is maintained throughout the process. It should be nothing but a thorough process - we know that mistakes can be very costly.

Mangalam is a trading organization, provide resources for:

All types of Batteries from all reputed brands Fire and Safety equipments (PPE) Installation & Commissioning
Solar Systems Industrial and domestic UPS LED lightings
Brought-outs Raw Materials Consumable items
Repair & Maintenance AMC Services Industrial equipments
Automization solutions Works Contract, etc.

Miles of Our Success

15th Aug. 2010: Incorporated as Mangalam Batteries dealing with Batteries, UPS and Inverters.

2012: Started dealing with Industries for AMC Services.

2014: Started dealing with LED Lighting and Solar System.

2016: Started dealing with Fire and Safety equipments.

2017: Started new organization named as Mangalam Enterprises dealing with Industrial equipments, Brought-outs, Raw Materials, Repair & Maintenance, AMC Services, Installation & Commissioning, Automization solutions, Works contract, etc.