Clean Agent

Kitchen Fire

Mechanical Foam

Technical Specification

Capacity (kg) 1&2
Extinguishing media MAP 90 UL Listed/ Mechanical Foam
Pressure No Pressure
Technology Pyrotechnics(PESO Licensed)
Coverage 1kg-6ft x 6ft, 2kg-10ft x 10ft


No bodily harm: The product is safe for humans and animals. It is thoughtfully designed in a manner so that it contains no sharp materials which may cause injury to a living being.
Light in weight & compact in size: The product is light weight and compact. The 1kg and 2kg versions can easily be carried in just one hand.
Bio-degradable & ozone friendly: The product contains bio-degradable ingredients and is eco-freindly.
Automatic activation: The product activates automatically, as soon as it comes in contact with the flames, within a few seconds.
5 years warranty: The products comes with is unique for this industry.

Water Base

Fire Hose

Mobile Foam Unit