Welcome to Mangalam Enlightening Lives......

Mangalam is a full service dedicated firm headquartered in Chakan, Pune, Mangalam was launched in 2010 by our team of industry veterans. At the foundation of Mangalam’s guiding principles, we value customer service, loyalty, honesty, and transparency when creating partnerships with our customers. In today’s competitive market, we strive to build a PARTNERSHIP, follow a PROCESS, and deliver consistent RESULTS. What does that mean to us?

Partnership: Whether you are a customer or a client, you can expect exemplary customer service, clearly defined expectations, and consistent follow-up.

Process: Whether it is a contract, service, or direct supply, we follow the same process every time.

Results: By building a partnership and following a process, we deliver consistent results and meet our customers’ and customers’ expectations time and time again.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

Our goal is to consistently provide a positive customer experience through the highest level of customer service. We vow to work diligently to understand our customers’ needs to ensure success. We treat every customer with respect and courtesy with the goal of building a strong, long lasting partnership.

Results Driven

We are committed to bringing our customers together with the best-matched solutions possible.

When you succeed, we succeed.


We view our “team” as the entire equation, which includes our internal staff, our customers and expert consultants. We succeed by building strong relationships with our customers and the results we achieve affirm that commitment.

Diversity & Integrity

Diversity and inclusion are essential for us to create a great environment and partnership both internally and externally. We pride ourselves in treating everyone with respect, honesty and trust.


Our Valuable Clients



UPS & Inverters

LED Bulbs & Systems

Fire Protection Instruments

Solar Systems

AMC Services